October 2011 Newsletter

Getting Found on Google

I'm often asked "How do I get found on Google?"

The most important things you need to do to boost your visibility on Google are:

  1. Include a couple of paragraphs of text on your home page explaining what your site is about.
  2. Include your Keywords people will use to search for you in Google in the home page text.
  3. Use these Keywords in Metatags containing Keywords and Description.
  4. Have your company name and the page name in the title of each page.
  5. Ensure each image has an "Alt" tag describing the image for Google to read. It also helps the vision impaired to access your site. Your web designer can do this for you.
  6. If you use flash for navigation on your home page, make sure that you also have text links to each of your pages.
  7. Include the links to the other pages on each page of your site.
  8. Submit your site to Google

How do you know you are being found on Google?

Use Google Analytics to automatically send you free monthly reports showing:

  1. The source of traffic to your website.
  2. The number of visits to your website.
  3. The most popular pages on your website - and lots more!

Like to know more? You can read Google's guide to Search Engine Optimisation here.

Then contact us to make it happen!

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