What a great cure for procrastination

I just watched Pat Flynn’s video on Breakthrough Blogging called “I wish I had a solution for procrastination”, and he does! He provides links to other great resources like Derek Halpern’s video “How to stop procrastinating“. I love it! I actually did try getting a personal trainer like he did so I had money at stake. And it worked too. Then when I stopped paying, I didn’t work so hard and I lost fitness. It’s time to put something at stake again! Like the book I want to publish and that webinar I want to give! It will be hard to sleep now, but tomorrow is a new day with many things to be done. Stay tuned!

Should we encourage more women to go into IT?

If we should encourage more women into IT, to add more creativity, communication and people skills into the mix, how do we keep them there, and are they welcome?

The article at the link below made me think about this. Personally I love that there are so opportunities that are available to me working in IT. I have worked as a network administrator, IT and Telecommunications Manager, Application Support Team Leader, changed to a Web Designer, and now work in Web Development and support.

I keep my design and technical skills honed and stimulated by taking on new non-profit projects so I don’t get into a career rut. It also challenges me to venture into unfamiliar technologies, so provides the excitement that working in a bureaucratic environment doesn’t.

However, I now have the confidence with these new designs and technologies to apply them in my workplace, so I encourage anyone wanting stimulating challenges, to volunteer their skills to a non profit as it is incredibly rewarding.

Women in IT: Does the Shortage Matter?

Master technology, don’t let it master you

It’s so easy to get distracted these days, with email, text, Facebook it’s a wonder we get anything done at all. Here are some great productivity tips from Experts Exchange that you can use at home or at work:



What cloud computing really means

Cloud computing is not magic. There are real servers behind it. Don’t get blinded by the science as cloud computing is not fool proof. Cloud failures do happen: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/21/amazon-cloud-failure-takes-down-web-sites/

Here are some links to explain what it is and show the benefits and pitfalls of this technology.


More on cloud computing (known as Software as a Service: SaaS in geekspeak):

“Privacy “Software as a Service” Agreements and the Transfer of Personal Information”: http://www.gowlings.com/Services/Technology/TechLawIssues2010-11/Martin-Finestone-Privacy-Software-as-a-Service-Agreements-and-the-Transfer-of-Personal-Information.pdf